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807 keer bezocht sinds 5 Augustus 2015, 05:13

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'coaches with Puyol jersey 5 d'

Geplaatst 5 Augustus 2015, 05:21

They just joined Barca with new Barcelona Jersey got some trophies, made 3 goals in fact, small law says: "get one of these authorized several trophies last season was the team's performance. Are team-mates got Champions Cup and the Primera Liga champions, which have a chance to take the Super Bowl trophy. But, in any case, I have to make every effort to help them, and try to enjoy the victory. I can't complain about anything. The only thing I want to do is to learn, improve, and team-mate and join hands fighting, I do not think about the number of balls. "Xiaofa said he wants to be champions," the Champions Trophy is my dream, the champions are unique, of course, the League Cup was also important. Now I want to compete with team-mates who are of Cup, League and Champions League trophies, I am full of expectation. Little method has been he goes to Barcelona is learning to, whether sitting the bench was first, for him doesn't matter "only Harvey, A. Iniesta with Iniesta Jersey 8, Raul so players can complain about insufficient playing time, with effort they won qualification, trophies proving their abilities. I want to win is the respect of fans, of course, must do our utmost to gain more playing time. I compete with the best players in the world, it is very difficult, I may be a lot of game to sit the bench, I should be patient and actively preparing, once you have the opportunity to showcase his abilities.
Al Gore for himself and Harvey, pedicle Asia competition, little by explains that: "no summer games when the media likes to create conflicts. They said Harvey, the pedicle Asia Al Gore won't get any small method, just as saying Jordi Pujol don't peak. Time will give opportunities of rational proof. We will have time to play, if you focus on, well, unite as one, so we can provide the team with a lot of help. So small law does not require adaptation yet? "This is not the truth. I want to learn something a lot, this team mechanism has been 3 years. For me there are many new things, such as the Defense level I need to learn a lot of things. I know fans with Xavi Jersey 6 ignore my mistake because I scored 3 goals, but I actually have a lot of mistakes, defensive I also needed to improve a lot. I done some good enough, fortunately teammates helped me correct. In fact, operating with Antonio Brown Steelers Jersey Barcelona without the ball I was so surprised, surprises me more than when a ball. I have never seen a change-over attention is so focused team. Under normal circumstances, goals we retreat, back. Barcelona is not here after the goals you want to do is get back to the ball as soon as possible. The other ball the less time, the more we. In the moment in football, this is the most difficult, many coaches with Puyol jersey 5 do wish to do this, but can do little. Barcelona did, thanks to the combat effectiveness of the team. Looked I feels this is Barcelona great reasons.

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